What size logo for the showcase be submitted?

    300 pixels wide, High Resolution

► How much content do you need for the main showcase?

    2 paragraphs and bullets are a good start. Brief, Bold and Benefit oriented.


  How many products can I post with a premium showcase?

      8 -10

   How many assets can I post with a premium showcase?


  If I have a question about the Client Portal, who should I contact?

      Your Marketing Services rep

   If I have questions about my services or contract?

      Please contact your Media Representative/Account Executive

  If I have questions about my leads, who should I contact?

      You can contact John Vinson johnv@networldmediagroup.com

8.   What types of files do you accept for white paper/case study files?

      PDF’s only

   What is the largest file size for ad placements?


 Where do I find the specs for ads, newsletter sponsorships or email blasts?

     Go to the tab “Design Guides” and you will find all specs there.

  How do I add a person/contact for a login for the Client Portal?

       You can register for an account and your marketing services rep will get you all set-up.

  Where can I find more info about Networld Media Group and other opportunities with the sites or events?

       Networld Media Group